Announcement of Qualified Applicants

Name of Applicants who can pay application fee and submit all application documents for Program MBA “English Program” # 16
1st Semester , Academic Year 2021

[ Namelist ]

Admission process :
1. Applicants must 
(1) print the pay-in form from the MBA English Program application website
(menu SUMMARY —-> Payment Website —–> Print Payment form * )
(2) make the nonrefundable payment at SCB Bank by April9, 2021. and
(3) submit all require documents to the MBA office via post mail before April9, 2021.
(Stamped by post office on April9, 2021. is considered the last date).

*About Payment form for oversea applicants . It’s no need to fill in letter in front of passport number


2. Applicants who are announced in the list must submit all application first before MBA office verifies the submitted documents. This will be based on the qualification of the applicants and details of the documents required such as working experience and minimum score of the English Exam within the specified period.
   If any documents did not meet the listed requirements, the applicant will be immediately disqualified from the interview even though the applicant has already made the payment. MBA program will not refund has already made the payment. MBA program will not refund

3. The announcement of the applicants eligible for interview will be posted on Monday April 26, 2021. by 6 pm

4. Interview period : between May 1-8, 2021.

more information of MBA English Program, check at
( Require Documents Information and Coversheet, Check at menu “Download” )
Application fee : 1,000 Baht.