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The Master of Business Administration Program at Chulalongkorn Business School (MBA Chula) was established in 1982.

We transform our students
into future leaders
global wisdom, well equipped to
tackle dynamic challenging business.

Philosophy for Learning

The 5 Cs important for learning are communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and care.  All five of these virtures are essential inside the 21st Century classroom. These could be the 5 Cs for a classroom in any century as all of these skills are timeless and highly valued.  They are valued not only inside a classroom, but amongst other professions as well.

Critical Thinking

Students can learn to analyze the shifts in the business environment and within a firm, so that opportunities and critical problems can be defined.


Students will develop innovations that can create and continuously drive business.  They will be able to resolve customer and societal obstacles.


Students can work effectively with a diverse team which comprise of individuals with different viewpoints to acheive goals and targets.  We can do this by training students to be open minded and considerate of the viewpoints of various team members from different levels.


Students will develop the ability to communicate ideas tactfully and in languages commonly used internationally such as English to better interact with the appropriate audience and situation.


They will become concerned with both company stakeholders and the community.

Approach to Learning

  1. Global Wisdom:

    Mastering key global management theories but with local applications

  2. Expert Insights:

    Integrating between theories and business practices

  3. Tackle the finest business solutions:

    Solving actual business challenges using real business cases

  4. Hands-on Experience:

    Sharpening teamwork and leadership skills via exciting team-based learning

The Faculty is AACSB accredited.