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Do You Have Questions About the MBA Programs and How to Apply?

Q.  I would like to take the MBA Regular program but would like to take classes during in the evenings or weekend, is this possible?

A. The MBA Regular program is held during regular public office hours so classes are not held after hours.

Q. Does the MBA English program have classes   during the weekend?

A. The MBA English program currently has only courses during the evening?

Q. Does the MBA program have program minors to choose from?

A. The MBA program does not have minors and graduates will be conferred a MBA.

Q. When applying to the MBA program is the average GPA on my bachelor’s degree considered?

A. The MBA program does not consider the average GPA from your bachelor’s degree regardless of the field of study.

Q. For work experience, if I have worked at different places can I add up my work experience from the different places to count towards the minimum work experience?

A. Yes, you can add up your work experience from many places to count towards the work experience requirement. However, the work experience has to be after the degree completion date on your transcript.

Q. I was trained while I studied for my bachelor’s degree, can I use this to count toward the requirement for work experience?

A. You cannot. However, if you are applying to the MBA executive program you can.

Q. If the applicant works from home or as a sole proprietor can this be used as work experience?

A. Yes, this can be used. The applicant should have supporting documents (e.g. commercial registration papers).  This would increase favorability from the committee.

Q. What if the applicant does not have a document certifying work from the employer or the employer does not write such a document?

A. The applicant can use documents that are deemed equivalent to this, such as pay stubs, work result, or other documents which show this work.

Q. What if the applicant’s CU-BEST and CU-TEP scores are high, will this have an effect on the applicant’s success?

A. If there are many applicants, then the committee may see a high score as favorable.

Q. If I am applying to the MBA executive program, is the CU-BEST necessary?

A. The MBA executive does not require the CU-BEST.  However, the CU-TEP (or a substitution) is required.

Q. If the applicant would like to apply to the MBA (English), can the CU-BEST (Thai) be used?

A. The CU-BEST (Thai) can only be used for the MBA (Thai) program.

Q. If I took the CU-BEST several times what score would be used?

A. The highest CU-BEST score will be taken into consideration.

Q. Is there a scholarship that the MBA program gives?

A. The MBA program provides tuition assistance to teaching assistants (TA) from the MBA (Thai) program.

Q. When I graduate from the program, what will my degree certificate say?

A. The degree will say MBA without indicating minors.

Q. Once the applicant has been accepted can he change to a different program? For example, an applicant who has been accepted to the MBA (Regular) would like to switch to the MBA Young Executive.

A. Once the applicant has been accepted, he/she can’t change programs. If the applicant would like to change he/she would have to apply all over again and start the applicant process again.

Q. What language should the letters of recommendations be written in, Thai or English?

A. The letters of recommendation can be written in Thai or English language for any of the programs.

Q. If the applicant is Thai can he/she register in the system with the passport number?

A. The applicant should use the national ID card number for the interview system and the CU-BEST system. It is advised that foreign applicants use their passport numbers.  The interview system and the CU-BEST system should match.

Q. Are the programs AACSB accredited?

A. Yes.

Q. Are courses taken through the international exchange transferable?

A. Yes.

Questions About the CU-BEST Examination

Q. How many parts does the CU-BEST exam have?

A. Currently, the CU-BEST has two parts. There is a business analysis section and a math section, divided into 50 percents.  The CU-BEST (Thai) full score is 500 and the CU-BEST (English) full score is 400.

Q. Does the program divide the CU-BEST score into two parts for consideration?

A. The MBA program considers the CU-BEST score in whole. This is the viewpoint of the MBA program, other programs may have different criteria.

Q. What if CU-BEST and CU-TEP exams are on the same day.

A. The CU-BEST exam times are announced before the CU-TEP exam times. If there isn’t significant change, then it would be possible to do two at separate times.

Q. When are the CU-BEST examinations?

A. The CU-BEST exams occur throughout the year.

Q. I went to look at the CU-BEST registration, how come there is not an examination time for me?

A. This means that there is not an available slot. The available time slots will be available only at certain times.

Q. Is there a limit in the number of test takers who can register for the CU-BEST exam? If the registration is full, can someone still register?

A. There is no limit in the number of registrants for the CU-BEST exam. However, if the time slot is full, then more test takers will not be able to enroll.

Q. I have registered for the CU-BEST but cannot pay on time. What can be done?

A. Registrants must apply and pay within the last day of the pay period.

Q. I already paid for the CU-BEST exam but afterwards I learn that I cannot take the exam. Can I get a refund?

A. The CU-BEST test center does not have a refund policy and does not permit the changing of the CU-BEST times.

Q. Is there a dress code for people going into the exam?

A. Test takers should be politely dressed such as business casual. Test takers should not wear sandals or shoes without heels.

Q. Can calculators be used during the CU-BEST.

A. Calculators cannot be used during the CU-BEST.

Q. During the CU-BEST exam, is it necessary to keep valuables such as mobile phone outside of the examination room such as during the CU-TEP exam?

A. The center for CU-BEST does not have rules prohibiting them but they should be keep away from the body area of the test taker. Cellular phones should be turned off and kept away from the desk.

Q. How long after the CU-BEST exam will the test taker get the exam results?

A. The scores should be announced about 3-5 days after the exam. The test taker should also receive the results 1-2 weeks through the mail after the exam.

Q. Will the CU-BEST exam results be sent to my home.

A. 1-2 weeks after the exam, the CU-BEST results should be sent home.

Q. What if I lost the paper with the CU-BEST exam results?

A. We do not give you a new CU-BEST exam result paper.  You should keep the original.  You are able to print it out again from the CU-BEST online system.

Questions concerning programs other than the MBA program

A. How do I find out more about CU-TEP?

B. You can find out more by visiting the Chulalongkorn University Academic Testing Center  www.atc.chula.ac.th

A. If I have the results from the CU-BEST, do I still need to take the CU-TEP?

Q. Applicants need results from both CU-BEST and CU-TEP when applying. The exception is the MBA executive which requires only CU-TEP.

A. What type of CU-TEP should I take? I saw that there is a Speaking type too.

Q. It is necessary to take the standard CU-TEP. We do not take the Speaking type into consideration.

Q. Can I use the TOEIC in lieu of the CU-TEP?

A. You can only use the TOFEL and IELTS which are more comparable in lieu of the CU-TEP, not the TOEIC.

Q. If my CU-TEP score is 1-2 points below the minimum, will this still comply?

A. The applicant needs to meet the CU-TEP score minimum when applying.

Q. If the applicant graduated from overseas, can the CU-TEP be waived?

A. It is a University requirement for applicants to have the CU-TEP score.

Q. I did not register for the CU-TEP exam in time. Thus, what should I do?

A. You should register for the next CU-TEP exam and use the TOFEL and IELTS which are comparable during the application period. (Please look at the MBA program conditions.)

Q. I am interested in studying Logistics, Finance, IT, or Marketing.

A. It would be better to go to those programs directly to find out more. You can find more about those programs at http://www.cbs.chula.ac.th/

Q. If I cannot register for the CU-TEP within the period can the program register for me?

A. The program does not have a way to register for the CU-TEP, the applicant can use TOFEL or IELTS which are comparable. Or thus, the applicant should take the next CU-TEP. (In the event that the online registration period is not over)

Q. If I am an international student do I have to take the CU-TEP?

A. It is a University requirement to take the CU-TEP. Thus, the applicant must take the CU-TEP.