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MBA Regular

Full-time program that offers a high level of focus and frequent interaction with classmates.

MBA Young Executive

Part-time program that you can maximize your time utilization, studying while working.

MBA Executive

Part-time program for senior management who aim to broaden their business visions in order to drive and sustain growth.

MBA English program

Part-time program for immersing yourself in a global academic environment with classmates from all over the world.


Student can join the Global Opportunities offer from MBA Program :
Exchange Program - Short course in one semester on 2nd year
Global Business Track (GBT) - student have a chance to study in 2 overseas university join with CBS (must apply when MBA Program open for application)

Exchange programs

Broaden global business perspectives and experiences with leading business schools around the world

Global Business Track (GBT)

Experience business knowledge from three continents in one year