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In the past, many believe that the ultimate goal of a business is to maximize profits.

However, recent challenges ranging from environmental and social issues to global crises usher in a new era where businesses are redefining their “purpose” and reconsidering their definition of “success”.

Consequently, profit and wealth maximization has given way to sustainability, and the objective has shifted toward what it means to be a “good” business – creating shared value, respecting the environment, and nurturing stakeholders, to name a few.


To be an educational community that delivers and furthers business wisdom and philanthropic spirit 


To prepare business leaders with an innovative, internally-oriented, and ethical mindset that impacts Thai society.


Be a learner, then a leader.

Learn business theories and insights.

Learn what drives people.

Become your true self.

Lead your team with your heart.

Lead your life with principles.

Pave your success, your way.

MBA Chula difference

1. Global Wisdom with Local Insights

Master key global management theories in local business context and learn from the tops in the fields.

2. Lead Business with kindness

Discover success beyond profits through sustainable business practices that inspire happiness in all stakeholders.

3. Hands-on Experience

Hands-on Experience Sharpen teamwork and leadership skills via exciting team-based learning.

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